Mother always said; 'the stronger the wind blows, the stronger the roots of the tree shall be."


Upon observing nature I awe at trees' might. I am often taken back by their relentlessness to  live, their longevity, their sense of community. These are some of the oldest living creatures on earth, from whom we still have so much to learn from... but then there are amazing feats of nature, trees that seem to defy any sense of logic, trees that have challenged me to reason how they came about, how long have they been around, and how are they able to survive. These lonesome warriors nestled in the most inhospitable crevices of nature are a testament to life ever-changing, evolving, adapting... This is what Solo Tree Productions aspires to be.

With markets saturated of visual-content makers, how do you come about? How long can we maintain business relationships? How can we compete?


Do your absolute best, then try again every day.


Solo Tree Productions comes with determination, to achieve results needed, tailored to each project. Looking to build with every opportunity a relationship that benefits both, you the client, and us.



Creative Director

— REEL —





• Sony FS7 with Sony 28-135G lens

metabones adpater for Nikon and Canon lenses

with Raw Package

• BMPCC w/metabones speedbooster adapter for Nikon



• Nikon D810 (2)

• Nikon D800

POV Cameras

GoPro: 3, 3+, 4black(2), 5black

GoPro rigging accesorries, pan-timers, 3axis gimbal,

and assortment of body attachments



Nikon Prime Lenses

• 10.5mm ƒ2.8 fish eye

• 24mm ƒ1.4

• 35mm ƒ1.4

• 45mm ƒ2.8 tilt shift

• 50mm ƒ1.4 (2)

• 85mm ƒ1.4

• 105mm ƒ2.8 micro lens

Nikon Zoom Lenses

• 14-24mm ƒ2.8

• 24-70mm ƒ2.8

• 70-200mm ƒ2.8

• 80-400mm ƒ3.5-5.6

• *2x Teleconverter



• 2000 LED panel flood (2)

• 1x1 LED panel bi-flood (2)

• 650W Fresnel iKan (with dimmers)

• 150W Fresnel iKan, Arri (2)

• 360 LED ring light

• Panasonic On Camera bi-LED (2)

• 60 On Camera LED

• 6x butterfly frame (silk, bounce, single net, double net)

• 4x butterfly frame (silk, bounce, grid)

• Flag Kit



• Zoom8, 8Ch-Field recorder

• Sennheiser MKE600

• Sennheiser EW100 lav mics (2)

• Sachtler Audio Harness

• Boom, Blimp, Deadcat

• Stereo Pair condenser Mics

Camera Accesories

• Ultra cage

• Follow focus

• Zoom assist

• Mattebox

• Car-Mount 10lb

• Video Tripod w/fluid head (3)

• Baby Sticks with spreader


LCD Monitor

• Odyssey 7Q+ (raw recorder)

• Alphatron EVF

• 7”  Delve HD Monitor

• 7”  Lilliput HD reference Monitor (2)


Camera Stabilizers

• Flowline (easyrig) 41lb

• Steadycam w/Vest & Arm 17lb

• Glidecam

• U-Fly cam

• BeSteadyOne  (gyro stabilizer) 8lb


Camera Dolly-Slider

• 12’  floor dolly/tracks

• 8’ Dolly

*with  motorized option

• 3‘ slider *with  motorized option

• Cambird 6’ dolly and slider combo 11lb



• 10’ telescopic jib 55lbs

• Pan-Tilt Jr. head 13.2lb

• Motorized Focus/Zoom



• Tablet teleprompter 30/70 glass

• DJI Phantom 2 Drone (with GoPro 4black)

• Product beauty-turntable

• V-mount batteries (powering cameras, LED panels)


• 10x frame and backdrop (white, black, green)

• C-Stands, Light stands, Mini Light Stands

• Sandbags (6), Applebox kit


† wieght capacity up to...


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